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About Brighter Sides

Hi, my name is Kelsi

I'm an artist and craftsperson living in Seattle with my partner and our precious rescue pups, Bruno (pictured, above), and our newest addition, Qira. I love crocheting and cute animals! I work at an animal rescue and spend most of my days off snuggling with my dogs, and making blankets, toys, and sweaters for homeless animals.

How Did This Start?

I grew up in Paradise/Magalia, California, and in the aftermath of the devastating Camp Wildfire in 2018, I wanted to help my hometown community and use my skills to better peoples' lives, even in some small way. More than 20,000 people were displaced by the fire, and this displacement has been stressful not only for the residents of Butte County, but also for their beloved animal companions. Combining my interests, I started crocheting blankets and sweaters for pets that may have found themselves in strange places - living with their people in cars, RVs, tents, or even for the lucky ones, unfamiliar homes. A cozy sweater or blanket can go a long way to provide comfort, both for the animal, and for their person, who knows someone is thinking of them. I also started doing small fundraisers to send money directly to people there who needed it.

I've always loved animals and this experience inspired me to start working full time at a shelter, to help animals have better lives. When I'm not at work, I continue to spend time off making comforting items for animals and people in need. To help make this a sustainable, long-term project, I'm now selling my cute crochet creations online, and donating a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare organizations. I also still make toys and blankets to donate to shelter animals. Check out my Instagram @kelsibsides to see some of the happy recipients! 

So, your purchase at Shop Brighter Sides supports small business, and animal welfare!